IP to 8 COFDM Modulator


SKU : AD0121AAA1002 / MODEL : ACE 08IPOFDM Plus

แบรนด์ : ACE


The ACE 08IPOFDM Plus modulator is a high integration device which is combined with two independent modules. One is IPTV gateway module which is used for the protocol conversion scenarios and streaming media distribution scenarios and it can convert the network IP stream over HTTP, UDP, RTP, RTSP, HLS and TS file into HTTP, UDP, HLS and RTMP protocol. The other is modulator module which supports IP in and IP out and DVB-T RF out, and it can receive gateway source directly. So ACE 08IPOFDM Plus achieves IP (HTTP, UDP, RTP, RTSP and HLS) in to RF out in one box.
In conclusion, its high performance makes it widely used in CATV digital head-end, business application, IPTV/OTT system, etc. and it provides various solutions for operators to re-distribute programs.
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