4K Ultra-HD HEVC 1HDMI Encoder to 1COFDM Modulator


SKU : AD0431JBC1701 / MODEL : 01UHDO-1T

แบรนด์ : ACE


The ACE 01UHDO-1T is 4K Ultra-HD HEVC 1HDMI Encoder to 1 COFDM Modulator high performance 4K Digital Encoder Modulator. It integrates encoding (H.265 /HEVC and H.264/AVC), multiplexing and modulating functions in one standard 1U case. It support two HDMI (2.0) channel UHD signal input (Hot redundancy) for encoding and also 2 ASI & 32 IP input for Re-MUX. To enhance the transport capacity, it combines 1 DVB-C/T carriers output with one RF port. It is also equipped with 4 ASI ports to mirror out RF carrier and IP port to output TS in 1xMPTS.

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