3DG-4S2-BP New Quad DVB-S2 transmodulators with double slot C.I. Flexmode and USB playing feature


SKU : 283163 3DG-4S2-BP (สอบถามราคา)

หมวดหมู่ : Fracarro Analog & Digital Headend

แบรนด์ : Fracarro


The new 3DGFlex Evo professional headend will introduce many innovative features.
Extreme flexibility!! One of the most innovative features of the new generation modules is the "Smart & Pool” function: all the new modules inserted on the same 3DGBOX exchange between them bidirectionally the contents through the very high speed Back Panel interface (up to 1Gbit/s bidirectional).

In this way each new 3DG “Evo” module is able to manage the signals coming from all the other new modules, with the advantage of being able to create flexible configurations, optimizing the number of elements of the system, especially in case of complex installations.

Also the "backward compatibility" concept is very advantageous: the new EVO modules can be managed on the same 3DG-BOX together with the “twin” existing modules (for ex. 3DG-2S2-2T), thus ensuring maximum comfort during the network design. In this way the installer could deploy many digital contents through every MATV coaxial network.

 3DG-4S2-BP (without output modulators) allow to add “reception’s capability” on the complete headend system. The module is able to tune up to 4 indipendent satellite HD or SD transponders, decrypt the content and “pool” all the programs to the other new modules inserted on the same 3DG-BOX through the very high speed Back Panel (i.e. “Smart&Pool”).

 NEW FEATURES: 3DG-4S2-BP are equipped with two universal slots Common Interface each module that can be used on FlexCAM operation mode. With the 3DGFlex EVO new generation modules is now possible to manage even the external Audio/Video file playback stored, for ex, in the USB pendrive (.TS file format).



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