Multiband TV FM Amplifier 4 Input


SKU : AA0291FEA0001 / MODEL : 235110 MBX5741LTE

หมวดหมู่ : Booster Amplifier Fracarro Fracarro


Fracarro 235001 MBX5741 Multiband Amplifier is Multiband Amplifier to amplify and mix signals from several sources. Die cast housing, fully shielded with F female connectors. Separate VHF and UHF amplification for 119dBμV version, broadband PUSH-PULL amplification for 124dBμV version. High gain and high output level allow the use of these products in medium and large networks. Cover fixed with safety screws. Compatible with DTT signals in COFDM modulation.

Main Features:
  - Port Input:  4 Input Ports
      Input 1 Band FM (88-108MHz)
      Input 2 Band I + III (47-68MHz, 174-230MHz)
      Input 3 Band UHF (470-862MHz)
      Input 4 Band UHF (470-862MHz)
  - Forward Gain:
      Input 1 Band FM Gain 35dB
      Input 2 Band I Gain 36dB, Band III Gain 38dB
      Input 3 Band UHF Gain 43dB
      Input 4 Band UHF Gain 43dB
  - Separate amplification VHF and UHF bands
  - Switching mode power supply
  - High output level
  - Low noise figure
  - Completely shielded
  - Quick and easy installation


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