Premium Hotel IPTV System


SKU : IPTV Premium (สอบถามราคา)

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This solution is ideal for projects with existing television systems. And there are already have existing television.  But need to improved television viewing with luxury. And made the existing television system. Be more than a conventional television system, with the ability to add information, promotions , products and services into the television system. To provide customers or a user experience. To use the television system. Can order or service via television. Like a television system built in the billboard inside and give customer more information.
        Including promotion to the building. Have VOD function makes the television become a movie theater immediately.
       You can choose to watch the movie you want to watch it freely and can charge for a new movie copyright. To facilitate users to watch new movies without having to visit the movie theater.
        It can also order food. From the kitchen to the surf to the television ever. There is a restaurant in the television system, convenient for many users. The IPTV Premium system can also be called Taxi Maid Service Technician. Or ask for accessories such as soap, toothpaste, pillow, etc. 
        With all costs incurred, users can check themselves via the IPTV Premium television system (By HSTN Server).



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