Fracarro LP45F LTE 700 LOG ANTENNA UHF LTE 700


SKU : AT0125AAX0003 / Model : 216251 LP45F LTE 700

หมวดหมู่ : Fracarro FM & TV Antenna

แบรนด์ : Fracarro


Log-periodic pre-assembled aerials for #III and IV bands characterized by: extremely easy connection due to the F connector being located near the mast clamp.
Due to the specific mast clamp these aerials can be assembled in vertical or horizontal polarisation without additional accessories

Main Specifications
Preassembled Log-periodic band III and IV antennas characterized by extreme ease of connection thanks to the F connector located near the attachment to the mast.

The care taken in the design is also reflected in the special connection of the dipole which guarantees contact reliability over time.

Thanks to the special mast attachment, the antenna can be installed both in vertical and horizontal polarization without adapters or other accessories.

They are equipped with excellent mechanical resistance for fixing the elements to the cradle, excellent mechanical resistance to rotation on the mast, good electrical performance.

The F connector is protected by a connector cover with bayonet coupling.
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