TAPS4 12 Fracarro Tapoff 4 Way 5-2400 MHz (-12dB, -15dB, -20dB)


SKU : AA0704APX0801 / MODEL : 287316 TAPS4

หมวดหมู่ : Splitter & Tapoff Fracarro Fracarro


TAPS412 Fracarro Tapoff 4 Way 5-2400 MHz (-12dB)

TAPS415 Fracarro Tapoff 4 Way 5-2400 MHz (-15dB)

TAPS420 Fracarro Tapoff 4 Way 5-2400 MHz (-20dB)

New CATV taps on frequency range 5- 2400MHz with “top down” F connectors. 

Compact and good-looking design to fulfill every installation requirement and enable them to be installed in every location. 

Zinc die cast housing allows to reach the best performances over all the operating frequency range, with low insertion loss up to high frequencies and high isolation between outputs. 

DC pass is allowed between the loop through output and input.

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